About Partsthief.com

What is Partsthief.com all about?  

Partsthief.com is a used motorcycle parts community that makes buying and selling parts online easy, efficient, at prices that are a steal.

How does it work?
Allows you to make offers on complete bikes and save time, money, and shipping.
Allows you to buy individual parts at a set price instantly.
Allows you to make money by “Listing your Parts Bike” free (click here to start)
Allows you to sell Individual parts for a set price (click here to start)

Why was Partsthief created?
In 2010 I could not afford to put gas in my truck because of gas prices. I was always pissed off and broke. That’s when I decided I needed to get a motorcycle. I didn’t have much money to work with and found a wrecked motorcycle that needed new forks. The dealers wanted 1000$ for new forks (why the hell would I spend that when I bought the piece of shit for 600$) so I called around and searched….and searched… and finally found a bent pair for 200$. I drove to work and never complained again. Partsthief was created to solve your gas problems and make finding cheap parts simple.

What will Partsthief do for you that other sites won’t?
Save you money and time. Make you money. Most importantly, doesn’t allow the little bastards in Silicon Valley to get richer or whore out Americans by keeping 40% of the profits (add up seller, shipping, labor, bank fees, you’ll want to choke yourself when you find out how much Ebay takes) …we dont sell items still in China…we dont sponsor Foreign Coalitions and Governments…


Why should you use Partsthief again?
Partsthief helps you get riding with any budget (and spend less time in traffic or at the pump) connecting you with used motorcycle parts enthusiasts all over the US willing to give good deals. Partsthief helps you “not” rely so much on oil/gas prices, or support the Ebay/Amazon new world order that is acting like Wal Mart and choking out small businesses by taking huge profits and completely controlling the markets.
Partsthief allows Americans to buy and sell from Americans only. It allows you to find good mechanics in your area, and become part of the true American lifestyle.

With pollution and environmental awareness on the rise, motorcycles are the American future. Become part of the movement. Buy Sell and Communicate to the American Motorcycle Community at Partsthief.com