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Group Ride Name : Hells Chicken and back by the Joogsquad


  San Clemente CA

August 11 at 4pm we will ride from San Clemente CA to Hell’s Kitchen...first 10 riders get from Gopros. Message me for info

Group Ride Name : San Franscisco PRIDE


  San Francisco

We try to ride doubles the whole way and talk about how we love Hillary , anything goes!!! Come with us as we drive from downtown San Francisco to Yosemite Park stopping along the way to make out in tents and tell the world how much we hate trump!!!! Any bike is welcome we don’t discriminate

Group Ride Name : Troy green stunt ride Ontario CA June 3rd 12pm at KSU


  KSU Ontario

Stunt riders and riders convien for a day or chaos, talent and speed to pay honors to T Green

Group Ride Name : Cannonballs Anonymous


  Jennie’s gentlemen’s club Point Lona, CA

Ride from San Diego to El Paso. Fastest time gets 1000$ cash and girl of choice. If you get ticketed or wreck you must not speak about the contest or you will be banned for life...Message us at Partsthief for official invitation and real start dates, etc...anything lower than 600cc not allowed. Alcohol and food free throughout race. Beware of crossing animals!

Group Ride Name : Cali bike nights bikini n bike night


  The break room Fullerton, CA starts 8pm

Girls bikes n beers. All riders n women welcome.prizes fir bikini babes

Group Ride Name : Ride to Strip Las Vegas


  U of A to Vegas

All girls trip from Tucson. Ride bare for 4 miles during Devils Torch Highway n 321.

Group Ride Name : SoCal Asian Riders


  Los Angeles

The title says it all look us up on Facebook or Google let’s have some fun

Group Ride Name : Shut up n Ride



Great Los Angeles group of motorcyclists looking for new members and do it ventures

Group Ride Name : Kamakazee


  Death Valley NV

We all take 12 shots in 60 seconds and see who can go the fastest on a twisty 10 mile desert road ....whoever survives gets the left over bikes

Group Ride Name : Turkey Rider

  Thursday Thanksgiving Day 2007

  Oceanside pier Oceanside California

Come join us as we leave from the Oceanside California pier and ride all the way up to Laguna Beach and back stopping at the world famous Balls dive... Last place Riders have to take 10 shots and Uber home or ride on the back of the ugliest bike