(sold) 2001 Yamaha r1

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Email Id : partsthief1@gmail.com

City : Carlsbad CA

Add Ons : Comes with California lien sale paperwork

Price : $ 1400

Description :

This bike is fast and silver, we can call it the silver bullet, if you want, but it only has 12,000 miles, and it’s super cheap.... so why would you not want this ? even if you don’t want it ;after reading this and seeing this you should want it ...I’m just kidding I sound like a complete tool hell-bent on selling you something you don’t even want.... we’re not like that we don’t give a shit ...we want you to be happy because motorcycles make us happy.... and of course I want the money....So enough of the rambling this bike is fantastic all around however second gear to slip it slips around mid range I don’t know what you can do to fix it I think it involves getting down and dirty and expensive in the transmission we have no guarantees therefore you can drive it off a cliff or what most people would do is just shipped past second gear and you’ll have a bad ass bike for the price of a scooter

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