2002 Kawasaki zx6r

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Email Id : leithalchic@gmail.com

City : Mesa Arizona

Phone No : 480-842-2981

Price : $ 600

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So I've decided to part out my 2002 Zx6R. I hate to do it, but with this last mishap, I think it's time to shut her down. THIS IS BIKE IS NOT UP AND RUNNING CURRENTLY . THE ENGINE IS 4 BOLTS AWAY FROM BEING PULLED OUT. I HAVE ALL THE PARTS. However, It was running fine when i parked it except i had NO 2nd gear. My plan was to drop the engine and split the case to be able to replace the gear. Ive since decided that its way too extensive of a job for me and either parting it out or selling it whole would be my best bet. I believe there are many useful parts that could help someone out in a pinch. I still have everything as I'll update this post as things change. Msg me for prices and availability, and please, cash only and no it's not stolen. I have the clean title in hand. If u want the whole bike ,

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