(Sold) 2005 Kawasaki zx10 “widow maker”

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City : San Diego CA

Price : $ 1500

Description :

This is The original widow maker they don’t make them as real as this anymore likely because we are in the Me Too age and to be a man is against the law....everything is watered down now....like 1 percent milk And two-stroke engines in California lakes.... This bike is a reminder of the good all days when men would leave there eight-year-olds with the neighbors dog and a handisnack....Gone are the good old days when the kids would throw shit at your car when you drive by them on the streets... No they don’t rock like that anymore! These days bikes are made soft and eco fukin friendly so much they sound like motorized dildoes This bike was made when playing online games was for loners who wore eye liner and chains to school This bike is everything that was good in America parting it out. Shipping no problem Clean title 30k Runs great

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