(sold) 2005 Suzuki katana 600

Username : Xavier  |   ( Rate This User )

Email Id : partzcheap@gmail.com

City : San Diego north county

Add Ons : Bad ass paint on a custom no Jesse James (that guy is tranny)

Price : $ 850

Description :

ns and drives pretty good has a gas leak ( would also recommend carb clean ) and needs the fairings bolted down before you can drive it long distances comes with lien sale papers more cheap bikes at partsthief.com Please educate yourself on liensale paperwork...nothing to fear...you can take paperwork into dmv before you buy bike to see for yourself if you'd like. Also, seems so many poeple undecided about buying, if this is you, simply ask for pics or videos or whatever... Because we are all busy these days and I'd like to only show to serious buyers with money in hand. Please understand I'm trying to save everyone time...thank you I can ship anywhere but who the fuk wants to ship a katana anyway....been there done her n that ya know....this bike like a 3 $ corner Trans Barbie...don’t let anyone know you are riding that thing...you will be labeled!!!! But it still fun, way better than the average group bar bandit or R6r every has under their pants

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