2013 Kawasaki zx6r part out

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Ninja 636 needs motor bc it was being used on the new movie Fast and Furious 43. In this scene the Rock, and Mark Wahlberg, were arguing about who spends more time in the gym and in the tanning bed but then the chick (manly-ass-Latina who acts like she needs a puppy) comes down and tells them they are both meat heads who are terrible actors and that they only play in movies where acting and dialogue are hidden behind Action Scenes because the two guys are so terrible That even Jersey Shore wouldn’t cast them on their reality show. Anyhow The ninja was in a scene where the Rock has a one line scene, but bc his lines are almost impossible to get correct, he did the scene 79 times, and left the ninja running. It overheated.....clean title frame but waiting for title from DMV. Fairings a bit cracked. Nice tank. Accepting reasonable offers on parts only not selling complete

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