(Sold) 2014 buddy 125 cc scooter

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Email Id : partsthief1@gmail.com

City : Oceanside California

Add Ons : Broken key ignition

Price : $ 400

Description :

(Scooter is on hold right now we are using it for stunts @poopiesgram has it at the moment) thing rips it does wheelies in first gear and it will take you to a Tijuana whorehouse on a tank Of gas...Yeah you might not look like a pimp on this bike but who gives a f;:k because you’ll be splitin lanes hopping on sidewalks going through backyards and getting wherever the f;::! you want to get in 1/4 of the time for 1/10 of the cost in gas...no more bitching about gas of car payments or insurance (if someone destroys your scooter they will be doing you a favor no need to ensure favors) And who cares about registration fees because you’ll have California lien sale documents but this thing is so nimble and light you’ll never get caught by the cops ..there’s no reason to ever pay any fees.... jump on it and go ! Especially after being stuck in your house for two months with the virus this is freedom... And God knows you earned it!!!! Why? Simply because you are supporting us reading our ridiculous story about a pretty neat little scooter with 18,000 miles it goes about 60 miles an hour

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