2019 grom 125 clone

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City : Oceanside California

Price : $ 1300

Description :

This thing will knock your socks off most people can’t handle this....People go 0 to 10 miles an hour in first gear it will probably do 25 in second gear. if you’re in the last gear you probably will hit 65 miles an hour on a diet before lunch. this does not have a license plate ; doesn’t even have a key, it’s perfect for a getaway Mobile or the summer bummer around town... In this perplexing chaotic world where everything is upside down who needs paperwork and a license plate anyways... so if you’re worried about that you may want to go buy some life insurance policy and get yourself a Toyota Prius; very likely a helmet, and elbow pads, and then calmly lock yourself in your room to watch every episode of stranger things Ozark... tiger king housewives of Las Vegas... might as well just throw in the towel because life sucks! But if you’re bad ass and you don’t give a fuck like me then come buy this and go rob some banks. OBO It has under 1000 miles...Practically brand new it does not have an ignition key but it does have a key for the gas tank in the back lock it is not perfect

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